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Echo Films is my new filmmaking venture, where I help people like you capture special moments in time.

As well as telling your story, there is a Buy One / Give One element, described below, which pays a video forward to someone deserving.


I’d really value your feedback on the video packages we’ve developed. Would you pick a video to view and share your thoughts in the short survey?

Your answers will remain anonymous, unless you choose to put your email at the end. Viewing the video and completing the survey should take 5-10 minutes all up.


Read through the information below, then pick an Echo to watch. (I recommend full screen!)

Then scroll down to start the survey – I’ll ask things like your opinion about pricing and what you thought of the video.


ECHO: Moments

Perfect for making the most of an opportunity, an ECHO Moment sees us spend up to two hours with you, treasuring the key moments special to you, making a movie a few minutes long.

View a Moment example:

ECHO: Reflections

Our most popular ECHO, Reflections is a filming session of up to 4 hours with you and your family or friendsspending time filming several stories to weave into a 4-5 minute video.

View a Reflection example:

ECHO: Memories

Up to 8 hours, telling multiple stories throughout the day, relishing the quiet moments as well as the busy ones, with the possibility of multiple locations and activities. Memories are your “now” story.

View a Memory example:

Buy One  //  Give One

ECHO Films is our commitment to enabling everyone to tell their story.
Beautiful films take time and expertise, and not everyone is in a position to have a
professional storyteller create beautiful video memories of their family or friends.

So, ECHO Films is Buy One / Give One: for every ECHO that is purchased, another ECHO is paid forward.
That way everyone gets a chance to treasure their moments, their history, their taonga.

Your ECHO creates its own ECHO - you can choose who to give your ECHO to,
or select from one of our partners, or let us choose - it's up to you!

moments worth remembering
ECHO: Moments
Shoot: 1-2 Hours*
Movie Length: 2-3 min*?
Royalty-Free Music Included
Delivery: Vimeo / Download
Includes 24-page Photo Book


Including GST
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longest storytelling
ECHO: Memories
Shoot: 5-8 Hours*
Movie Length: 7-10 min*?
Royalty-Free Music Included
Delivery: Vimeo / Download
Includes 24-page Photo Book


Including GST

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