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Everyone has memories to treasure

Life moves fast, and our todays are very quickly our yesterdays; the clichés are all true. Our little kids very quickly grow out of their cuteness, into grown-ups. As filmmakers, we at ECHO Films are passionate about helping everyone record life as it is now, to remember in your future.

ECHO Films are films of you and yours doing what you do, being who you are. We don’t tell you what to wear, or how to pose. We ask you to be you, and we tell your “now” story.

ECHO Films are created by professional storytellers, masters of light and motion. Don’t settle for videos hidden in the library of your smartphone – create an ECHO of who you are; just you, or a couple, or you and your pet, or your mates, or your whole family.

Plus, the ECHO Films project will help anyone to have access to beautiful storytelling.

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A Farewell ECHO

Life changes, and sometimes friends move away. For Ioana it was time to move back home to Sweden, and her friends wanted to remember her with an ECHO, now a memory recorded forever.

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A Birthday ECHO

Brian's Family recognised the opportunity to capture some special memories as the family spent a weekend with the Grandparents' for Brian's 73rd birthday.

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Ready to book
your ECHO?

Check out the ECHO Packages,
or call us on 0800-47-69-22 to join the wait list


ECHO Packages

Chief Creative, ECHO Films


Recently I saw a video of another father throwing his child in the air, and it brought back so many memories of laughing little faces and squeals of delight of my own three children. Now they are enormous and I will never get to throw them in the air again. 

With some regret I realised I had never filmed those special little memories with my kids when they were small.  Birthdays and Christmases were diligently photographed, but that’s not what makes our family special, nor necessarily the thing the kids will remember most from their childhood. It will be the time spent playing Lego, the tickle fights, or the horsey rides on Dad dragging three giggling kids behind!  Those brief moments of time we get to connect on a day-to-day basis that we often overlook but miss so dearly when they are gone.

In that moment I found a passion for noticing and treasuring the little things, the details, quirks and the beauty of families as they are right now, at any stage or age.  Capturing and preserving those memories for your family is my passion and my honour, because tomorrow those moments might be gone forever. 

I bring years of professional photography and video experience to my storytelling, along with my excitement for capturing your beautiful moments and family treasures. 

– Ollie Dale

Buy One  //  Give One

ECHO Films is our commitment to enabling everyone to tell their story.
Beautiful films take time and expertise, and not everyone is in a position to have a
professional storyteller create beautiful video memories of their family or friends.

So, ECHO Films is Buy One / Give One: for every ECHO that is purchased, another ECHO is paid forward.
That way everyone gets a chance to treasure their moments, their history, their taonga.

Your ECHO creates its own ECHO - you can choose who to give your ECHO to,
or select from one of our partners, or let us choose - it's up to you!


“Totally blown away”

“Wow Ollie!!! We are totally blown away – it’s amazing! You captured the moment perfectly!! They are going to love it! Thanks so much. We feel so grateful to have this 🙂 “

Sarah Brooke

“Thank you, Ollie”

“Ollie captured our crazy family life in a beautiful well crafted film, we hardly knew he was there on the day so felt completely relaxed. It’s also one of the few times all of us are on camera at once! We’re thrilled also to enable another family to have this opportunity. We love the film, the idea, Ollie and his work and will definitely ask him to come back to film us in the future.”

Michael Frogley

“Such a beautiful gift!”

“My Echo is such a beautiful gift! Thank you for capturing so many wonderful family moments with my daughter, grandchildren and fur babies on my Birthday! I will always treasure it!”

Linda Hutt